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Notre-Dame of Paris

A remarkable harmonic facade, an extraordinary statuary, a journey through history, you should not leave the city without a visit of its cathedral.

Optional: the Towers and its stunning view amongst the chimeras

Suspended due to the fire. You can choose the tour of the Ile-de-la-Cité which includes the history of the cathedral.

Conciergerie & Sainte-Chapelle

From the royal house to the courthouse

At the Conciergerie, we will navigate between royal residence and prison, between political power and judicial power, from the monarchy through the revolutionary turmoil to the present day. Then we will admire the stain-glass windows of the Sainte-Chapelle, a real glass box conceived to house the relics of Passion.

From the Sainte-Genevieve abbey to the Pantheon

From the Sainte-Genevieve church to the Pantheon of the Great Men, this monument, which mingles both religious and republican symbols, has had a tumultuous history from one political regime to antother. We will comment the facade, the architecture, the dome, the frescos, before going down to the crypt where Voltaire and Rousseau rest in place of honour,  as well as other personalities such as Victor Hugo and Marie Curie.

The Opera Garnier, a lyrical flight

Enter the dream-like world of the Opera designed by Charles Garnier and experience  a luminous and coloured enchantment on the way to the temple of music and dance. We will also make the link with the area in complete restructuration when the opera house was built, in the context of Haussmann's renovation under the Second Empire.

The Richelieu Library

The restoration works of the Richelieu site is the opportunity to trace the history of the national library and its collections from Charles V to François Mitterrand. We will have the privilege to see the courtyard of honour, the Labrouste reading hall, the performing arts department and the manuscripts reading room.

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