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The Louvre Museum : Discovery Visit

Former residence of the kings of France, the Louvre is nowadays one the biggest museums in the world. Behold some of the the greatest masterpieces in art history, from Antiquity to the July Monarchy.

The Louvre Museum : Greek Antiques

Major source of artistic inspiration throughout the ages, ancient Greece has fascinated by the legends of its mythology and the virtuosity of its masters. Greek craftsmen excelled in pottery, bronze- and marble stonework. Discover the evolution of Greek statuary  and the treasures of  the Campana collection.

The Orsay museum : academism and avant-garde

The former Orsay railway station, turned into a museum in 1986, provides continuity with the Louvre museum. During this visit we will talk about the evolution of art in the 19th century, when classicism leaves way for modernity.

The Orangerie museum

Monet chose the Orangery of the Tuileries garden to set up his Water Lilies cycle, a project which came true in 1927, with the help of his friend Clemenceau. Also explore the rich collection of art dealer Paul Guillaume, including School of Paris painters such as Modigliani and Soutine.

The Rodin museum

Take a break away from the bustle of Paris at the gardens of Hotel Biron, a true outdoor museum dedicated to the work of Rodin, beautifully highlighted in this green setting.

The Marmottan Monet museum

Complete your excursion to Giverny by a visit of the Marmottan museum which houses the largest collection of paintings by Claude Monet in the world. You will also the chance to admire many other impressionist painters, such as Berthe Morisot, as well as the collections of Paul Marmottan who bequeasted his private mansion to the Academy of Fine Arts.

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